Innovation Showcase


AMF Bakery Systems | Unison Specialty Bread and Roll Lines | Booth 5119

Unison Specialty Roll Line 2.4.16For enhanced line flexibility, AMF introduces the Unison™ Specialty Bread and Roll Lines. By working in Unison™ with an AMF High Speed Bread or Bun System, we provide bakers the solution to grow their product offerings. From premium bread to artisan rolls, the Unison™ solution will increase your profitability by capitalizing on your current line.
BABBCO | Oven Technologies | Booth 8530
BABBCO Oven CroppedBabbco introduces its automatic belt washing system that continuously cleans the oven belt during operation. Featuring tool-less removal of all internal oven components, this fully automated clean-in-place system and sanitary design includes sloped floors and captured drains. Also new is a fully integrated water mist fire suppression system that protects the equipment.
Baker Perkins, Inc. | TruClean Servo-Driven Wirecut Machine | Booth 7430

Servo Wirecut.128The new servo-driven wirecut mechanism brings improved automation and flexibility to the production of wirecut cookies. A two-axis servo system provides infinite variability to the cutting and return paths, enabling optimum cutting performance to be achieved at high speeds or on difficult dough. Tailored profiles can be created for each individual product and loaded at the touch of a button.

BluePrint Automation (BPA) | RSDcase and Closer | Booth 4134
bpa_rsdcaseA traditional RSC is a standard “box” opened from the top and typically used for shipping only. The new BPA RSDcase is a shelf-ready design that easily opens from the back, providing a clean, finished, machine-cut front display eliminating torn front panels often found on today’s shelf-ready cases. The innovative design gives processors the versatility of automatically erecting, case packing and closing both retail-ready and traditional RSC cases on the same machine.
Buhler Inc. | JetMix- Automatic Pre-dough & Fermentation System | Booth 9336

BuhlerJetMix enables the uniform moistening of individual flour particles. Within seconds, a fine and creamy sponge dough is obtained. The increased oxygen content in the dough activates the fermentation and enhances gluten development, creating optimal prerequisites for processing the dough further. Feeding, mixing, maturing and cleaning is fully automatic, thus easy to control and monitor through the process automation system.
Burford Corp. | Model EC1024 High Speed Enrobing System | Booth 3507

BURFORD LOGO high resBurford Corp. is excited to introduce the Model EC1024 High Speed Enrobing System. This patent-pending design allows for complete outside topping coverage of dough pieces on high-speed automated bread lines. The compact design allows it to fit into most existing lines. This portable cantilevered enrobing system can be quickly moved offline for changeovers and sanitation.
CBF Bakery Systems, Inc. | Vacuum Depanner | Booth 8530

CBF_RGB_HiResThe new CBF Bakery Systems Vacuum Depanner meets today’s demanding sanitation and safety requirements. Its specialized three-module design incorporates a Conveyor Module: cantilevered vacuum head, air jet assembly, pan, product and delidding conveyors, including interlocked safety access panels and integrated controls; a Cyclone Separator: optional module that extends filter life when running heavily seeded products, a fully-enclosed high power vacuum blower and air filtration system; and stainless steel quick connect couplings between modules. Modular design facilitates integration within any existing or new system.
Cavanna Packaging Inc. | Washdown Flow Wrapping Systems | Booth 10501
TwinSlimDischargeCavanna developed this new washdown flow wrapping system specifically for allergen cleaning, focusing on sanitary design to minimize bacteria harboring areas. In addition, the new slim wrapping system takes up half the space and requires half the operators of a conventional solution.
Corbion Caravan | Ensemble, Non-PHO Emulsifiers | Booth 7414

Ensemble ImageThe new line of ENSEMBLE non-PHO emulsifiers deliver drop-in functionality that maintain flavor and texture without sacrificing quality, handling or shelf stability. A re-engineered collection of Corbion’s popular PHO-containing emulsifiers, these non-PHO solutions have been specially formulated to minimize your reformulation hurdles and operational disruptions so that you can streamline your formulation efforts and make the switch away from PHOs without missing a beat.
Corbion Caravan | Pristine 2000 | Booth 7414
Pristine ImagePristine 2000 is a new dough conditioner for bakery products that can be used to reduce or replace unfriendly chemical additives. This product enhances mixing and machinability by providing more tolerance and dough strength. Pristine 2000 does not contain Ascorbic Acid and allows bakers the flexibility to optimize the acid levels independent to the enzyme system and the best balance between performance and cost. Applications include white pan bread; whole wheat bread, buns and rolls; frozen dough; and artisan/specialty breads.
Doran Scales, Inc. | Selecta In-Motion Weighing System | Booth 3417

DoranGain valuable insight on your plant’s production process by using the Selecta in-motion weighing system. Why rely on often inaccurate manual samples, when you can have accurate 100% production inspection? The new Selecta was designed to achieve four common goals: minimize costly downtime, maximize productivity, achieve rapid ROI and provide advanced reporting on collected production data.

Dorner Mfg Corp. | AquaPruf 7600 VBT (Vertical Belt Technology) | Booth 3937

Dorner AquaPruf VBTDorner’s New AquaPruf 7600 VBT conveyor is designed for elevating bulk products. The unique, proprietary staggered sidewall belt provides increased pocket capacity, better product release, reduced product loss and improved cleanability over a traditional sidewall belt or bucket elevator. The VBT conveyor features a sanitary open-frame, tool-less design allowing for quick belt changes, easy cleaning and effective product changeover.
ET Oakes Corporation | Direct Drive Slurry Mixer | Booth 3513
Direct_Drive_SlurryET Oakes presents the next generation Slurry Mixer upgraded with a state-of-the-art direct drive system. Pulleys, belts and guards are eliminated, streamlining a sanitary design with quieter operation and significant cost savings in maintenance and labor. With sanitation and clean-in-place (CIP) in mind, Oakes added a new Water Shed Cover Hinge design and tank spray balls. When paired with Oakes’ new dual use CIP/product transfer pump, this Slurry system is fully CIP. Operators can load, blend and transfer up to four 2,000-lb batches per hour.
Exact Mixing | HDX High Development Mixer – Continuous Hamburger Bun Mixer | Booth 5109

HDX Continuous MixerThe new HDX mixing system produces up to 16,000 lb per hour of bun and other highly developed doughs in a continuous stream. This process eliminates final product variations, which are the result of variable time between the start and end of each batch. Recipe and temperature are ensured with the state-of-the-art metering system and mixer design.

Formost Fuji Corp.| Formost Bun System | Booth 6907
Fuji_4on4BagThe next generation Formost Bun System runs a variety of buns and rolls in common configurations with minimal changeover and gentle handling while maintaining product quality. This upgraded bun bagging system efficiently increases productivity and reduces labor costs by incorporating a new high-speed grouper and simplified inline bun stacker with the reliability of the Formost GTS bagger.
Fortress Technology | Interceptor Metal Detector | Booth 3537
FORTRESS-Interceptor-system-LT+DSThe next evolution in metal detection: Fortress’ newest technology, the Interceptor, effectively processes multiple frequencies continuously over a broad spectrum. This facilitates an increase in detection capabilities of up to 100% with stainless steel, especially when inspecting bakery products. Much more cost-effective than X-ray systems, Fortress’ innovative simultaneous multi-frequency detector provides bakers an economical alternative for their food safety programs.
Gemini Bakery Equipment Co. | KB Indoor Bulk Sugar Bin with Vibratory Discharge | Booth 6319
????????????????????????????????????The latest generation of Gemini/KB Systems indoor bulk sugar storage bins incorporates a number of technical advancements and advantages. KB Systems’ unique, low-profile indoor bin design provides for large volume storage capacity in space constrained areas. Its proprietary software and custom tools monitor and optimize operation. Automatic adjustment of the bin discharge system parameters for sugar weight in the bin, for example, decreases to maintain consistent flow and minimize product degradation.
Intralox | ProTrax | Booth 9111

Intralox ProTraxProTrax technology is a magnetic belting solution ideal for pan inclines, declines, vertical switches, pan cleaners, pan indexing, pan stackers and de-stackers. This belt provides a stable performance with an extraordinary belt life, even in hot, dry, and oily environments.
JAC Machines Inc. | SLIM Variable Thickness bread Slicer | Booth 2149
slim-inoxJAC is following a tradition of innovation by introducing this industry-leading bread slicer design. JAC’s SLIM bread slicer is the company’s first vertical variable thickness slicer. It features a compact, eye catching design, and very quiet easy-to-remove crumb tray, as well as premier safety and cleaning features. As always, it comes with JAC’s 5-year parts warranty.
Kerry | Taste Encapsulation | Booth 1555
Full_color_taglineKerry is proud to present its new plant-based, eco-friendly, and clean label encapsulation solution to help bakers to achieve taste innovation. The technology supports flavor protection and enhancement and provides bakers a broader choice of flavors including those that are highly volatile and complex.
King Arthur Flour | Identity-Preserved White Whole Wheat Flour | Booth 9545
KAF_CMYKIdentity is new whole wheat flour made from wheat varieties selected for better baking. This lighter-colored, milder-tasting flour is made to industry standards and grown using carefully monitored sustainable farming practices. They include no-till farming to boost soil’s water retention and beneficial organisms, crop rotation and cover crops that replenish nutrients in the soil. Better water retention reduces need for irrigation.
Middleby Bakery Group | The Titan Conveyorized Oven | Booth 9415
Artwork 139Stewart Systems introduces the Titan, the largest conveyorized oven in the world, producing up to 96,000 hot dog buns per hour. The exclusive design boasts many patents and industry firsts, including the Chevron Burner© and the Recirculation Convection System© which covers 62% of the area beyond the burner zone; and the Precise Chain Monitoring System™. It is driven by the largest chain in the baking industry and offers customers baking flexibility for specialty breads and 15% energy savings compared with conventional conveyorized systems.
MIXSYS LLC | EXTRACTASHAFT Enhanced Mixer Quick Access and Cleaning System | Booth 872

C788A one-of-a-kind industry first, MixSys offers the ultimate in enhanced quick cleaning technology. ExtractaShaft offers quick direct access to clean the inside of the mixer chamber and the mixer shaft for fast changeover and verifiable results, providing complete product and operator protection.
NorthWind Technical Services, LLC | BatchMATE™ | Booth 620
BatchMATE with Scaling Screen_2
BatchMATE™, the new hand-add station by NorthWind, minimizes the time and effort of accurately storing lot numbers and hand-weighing ingredients on the plant floor. By quickly guiding operators through the weighing process, costly errors and time are reduced. BatchMATE™ easily integrates with plant automated batching systems for complete master batch reporting and data analysis.
Oshikiri Corp. of America | English Muffin Line | Booth 3307

MuffinLineOshikiri is excited to introduce the new English muffin line consisting of four machines: divider, horizontal rounder, proofer and griddle. Dough is perfectly transferred to the next process at a high speed because each machine is electronically synchronous.

PreciBake Group | Virtual Baker: It Learns While You Bake | Booth 9547 and partner booths

The Virtual Baker is a PreciBake artificial-intelligence-empowered assistance system that equips your oven with cutting edge technology. By choosing our system, your oven is able to detect batch quantities and — after a successful learning stage — automatically chooses the right baking parameters based on the products it identifies. The Virtual Baker is available on a variety of your favorite ovens.
Rademaker | Rademaker Laminator and Make Up Line | Booth 6519

Hygienic belt tensionerThe Rademaker Next Generation Sigma Laminator and Make Up Line boasts unmatched product quality with unparalleled product yields while maintaining operational efficiency. Our Flexible-Unique-Fit-Tooling is assembled allowing fast adjustment and positioning for many products. An optional iPad remote expands the operator’s mobility while sanitation will appreciate the ”one-touch” action that allows for optimized cleaning.

Rademaker | Proofer Handling System | Booth 6519

IMG_3048Rademaker’s new Proofer Handling System is developed to process a wide assortment of artisan bread products for mid-sized to industrial bakeries. Flexibility is critical to success, and the Rademaker Handling System offers just that. This unique Handling System offers flexibility of proof times and conditions along with a modular design to fit with bakery processes and requirements.

Radio Frequency Co., Inc. | Bantam-Series Macrowave RF System | Booth 7650

Radio Frequency’s new Bantam-Series Macrowave Post-Baking Dryers, designed for one-meter-wide bands. With no external cooling or heavy electrical drops are required, the series features fewer components with a simple yet robust design. Capital and maintenance costs are greatly reduced. The series is available for smaller bakeries, pilot R&D lines or lower throughput SKUs. Like the larger Ultra-Series, it improves capacity, checking or color issues.
Reading Bakery Systems | Low Pressure Extruder | Booth 5109

Low Pressure ExtruderCompletely redesigned to improve safety, efficiency and ease of cleaning, the Low Pressure Extruder is a flexible machine for creating a variety of structural and flat extruded shaped products. Available exclusively from Reading Bakery Systems, this technology enables consistent and accurate production of pretzel shapes, sticks, braids, bread snacks, filled products and more — all with a simple change of forming dies.

Reading Thermal | SCORPION Software (SV8) Food Safety Module- Baking Process Kill Step Calculator | Booth 5109

RT Innovation imageThe SCORPION Software (SV8) Food Safety Module is the newest addition to the SCORPION 2 line of oven data logging equipment. This module enables SCORPION users / bakers to easily comply with new Kill Step Validation required by the Food Safety Modernization Act. Using the SCORPION® Data Logger to collect product core temperature data, SV8 calculates lethality and generates a comprehensive report.
Rehrig Pacific Co. | STACK-KING | Booth 3924

Stack-King IBIE - ISO + Shadow - LARGERehrig Pacific introduces the STACK-KING, designed to provide maximum cube utilization for virtually any bakery distribution requirement. Operator-friendly, easy-to-use and ergonomically compliant, the STACK-KING will lower transportation, labor and workmen’s compensation costs in your bakery plant, distribution center or depot. Best of all, the fully portable STACK-KING is customizable so it works with all full or empty bakery tray stack configurations.

Sottoriva America, Inc. | “OPERA” Ciabatta Bread & Artisan Divider | Booth 1805

sottorivaSottoriva’s no-stress “OPERA” divider provides the baker with the most versatile dough divider for artisan flatbreads, ciabatta breads, ciabatta rolls (ciabattini), artisan rolls with variable shapes and sizes, and specialty die-stamped breads and rolls. “OPERA” features a unique combination of rotary cutting, guillotine cutting and die stamping of all artisan breads, all in one machine.

Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems | A-PEX 400 Gauge Roll | Booth 9415

400 DIA GUAGE ROLL ASSY-1Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems introduces the new A-PEX 400 sheeting/form line designed to meet customers’ demands for a more hygienic system to meet or exceed food safety requirements around the world. The system’s hygienic and robust design incorporates accessibility, simplicity and safety. This means reduced time for cleaning and maintenance and more up time for production.

Topos Mondial Corp. | Open Frame Removable Bowl Spiral Mixer | Booth 4117

Spiral MixerRemovable bowl spiral mixers are commonplace, yet to date they were only available in less sanitary, “closed” frame styles. Our new open frame design eliminates the pockets, and the hidden “hard to clean” spaces found in all other spiral mixers on the market today. Our innovative design achieves high rigidity and durability while safely covering the pinch points that otherwise arise between the moving and stationary frame in these designs.

VMI | ULTIMIX – Planetary Mixer | Booth 6147
ULTIMIXULTIMIX is the result of a study, conducted by VMI and university scientists, in order to establish an optimal combination of parameters to achieve the best mixture possible. This model enables the reproduction and scale-up of the production for any batch or recipe. ULTIMIX meets the production needs and fits perfectly and easily into automated systems. The mixer integrates a unique flush mount design to ensure ease and economy in the cleaning process.
roto_27ROTOTHERM® Green is a revolutionary rack oven that reinvents the bake. Quality of bake is as important as energy efficiency of the oven. An innovative heat exchanger allows for a smaller burner, using less fuel; optimized air flow provides even baking and 10% shorter bake times. Products are 10% moister, 100% tastier and save money in fuel and ingredients.
Zeppelin Systems USA | DymoMix | Booth 7714
Zeppelin_150806_062 1DymoMix increases dough production in a dust-free environment while reducing energy consumption and minimizing costs. DymoMix adds moisture evenly with water, cream yeast or other water-soluble ingredients through free-falling dry materials. This creates an instantaneous biochemical process and begins to generate homogenous dough within seconds, meaning dough can either be used instantly or transferred to a continuous kneader.