Innovation Showcase


AMF Bakery Systems | DoFlex Divider | Booth 6119
Photo: EducationRevolutionary new DoFlex Dividing Technology implements a simple, low-shear dividing process to produce more consistent product with excellent scaling accuracy and improved line efficiencies. Low-pressure dividing maintains the delicate dough structure necessary for a wide range of dough from stiff roll dough to slack English muffin and ciabatta dough.
Bakery Concepts International | Rapidojet | Booth 2615
PhotoRapidojet is a revolutionary technology for hydration and mixing of a wide range of products and ingredients. Grains pre-hydrated at up to 350% result in outstanding shelf life and reduced mix times. Batters produced with Rapidojet eliminate the need for vertical mixers and bowls. Rapidojet is “Dream Space Project” compliant. The physics demand that hydration (yield) be increased, which results in extremely fast ROI and better quality. Gluten wash-out of sponge is virtually eliminated.
Cinch Bakery Equipment | Thermocar | Booth 8845
Photo:Gashor crossed the Winkler GmbH Deck Oven Technology with the Winkler GmbH Rack Oven Technology to invent the only combination rack/deck oven with Winkler GmbH Cyclothermic Technology! Voila, the Thermocar was born. Now bakers can enjoy minimal labor and deck oven-quality baking results. The Thermocar has been manufactured for more than 18 years and boasts more than 100 installations in North America. Designed for 18-in. x 26-in. pans, it offers even heat distribution for crusty, artisan baking results.
Dorner Mfg. Corp. | AquaPruf | Booth 4737
Photo: EducationDorner’s “Aqua” line of products is a family of hygienically-designed conveyors for applications from packaging to processing, wipe down to wash down. Innovative designs feature open frames, removable wear strips and minimal horizontal surfaces. All are BISSC certified. Plus models are available in straights, curves, and z-frames.
Food Tools, Inc. | RPS 100 | Booth 7836
Photo: EducationFood Tools announces the launch of its latest product, the RPS 100. Utilizing state of the art robotic technology, the RPS-100 provides improved accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency in the cutting and portioning of bakery products. Depending on the product, throughput can reach up to 400 cakes per hour. The RPS-100 has the ability to store 200 individual cut patterns to support round and sheet cake products, making changeovers quick and easy. The modular design of this machine also allows for ease of mobility.
Formost Fuji | FW-3400 Alpha VII Horizontal Wrapper | Booth 7807
Photo: EducationAlpha VII horizontal wrappers build on the success of a proven line of wrapping machines. Features include a five-axis servo motor design and direct drive with shaft-mounted gear heads that eliminate traditional belt drives, first-in-the-industry induction heating fin seals to help lower daily operating costs and programmable security levels.
Forpak | Vision Reject System | Booth 4131
Photo: EducationThe Forpak Vision Reject System provides a solution for quality inspection and reducing the labor required in production. The system performs inspection of 100% of the products at the rate of the manufacturing line, with a highly repeatable rejection of inferior quality pieces.
Gemini Bakery Equipment Co./KB Systems, Inc. | CraftMaster Plus | Booth 8430
Photo: EducationFor over 40 years Gemini/KB Systems and its stockholder, Werner & Pfleiderer, offer the largest range of specialty dough processing equipment in North America. The equipment is used from coast-to-coast to produce a full range of variety pan and hearth baked products including rolls, bread, pizza, bagels and flat bread products.
Hinds-Bock Corp. | Moist Streusel Depositor |
Booth 10415

Photo:Hinds-Bock moist streusel depositors dispense high-fat streusel into pocketed pans (targeted) or onto larger cake and pie pans (broadcast spread). The unique dispensing system works with high-fat products that tend to pack and bridge. Interchangeable die plates alter the appearance of the streusel dispenser. Models mount on top of existing Hinds-Bock conveyors or with a portable cantilevered frame.
Molda AG/Pocantico Resources | Molda 13 – Universal Binder | Booth 1962
Photo:MOLDA 13 is a premium binding material that revolutionizes the production process of cereal, bar, cookie and many other applications by eliminating the need for complex cooking. Uniquely requiring no oven baking, MOLDA 13 is mixed only with water, heated up to 176° F and then blended with any desired ingredients to bind them together. The resulting mixture is immediately usable and easy to shape, cut or sculpt.
Oshikiri | BSS Band Slicer | Booth 4507
Photo:Oshikiri Corporation now offers a top-of-the-line Model BSS Band Slicer with a pull-out system blade guide unit for easy maintenance and cleaning, an automatic blade tension system with load cell, easy blade replacement without interference (patent pending), and flight pusher with adjustable push that provides more positive, straight slice performance for all width products (patent pending).
Pcdata | Distrib XE | Booth 4724
Photo: EducationThe Distrib XE system is a new, self-supporting Put-to-Light solution for bakery operations with up to 50 ship-to locations. The Put-to-Light technology replaces order pick sheets and doubles as confirmation of product amounts received and dispatched in that operation. Low IT requirements and DIY installation make it the most affordable distribution automation solution on the market.
Rademaker | Double-chunker Sheeting System | Booth 7519
Photo:The Rademaker Double-chunker Sheeting System (DSS) eliminates stress during the sheeting process. The dough structure created during mixing, kneading and pre-proofing remains intact, resulting in high quality products. From firm pastry dough to soft and sensitive ciabatta dough, the DSS is suitable for processing a range of dough types at industrial scale. The Rademaker DSS: when quality and quantity count.
Rademaker | High Speed Cutter (HSC) | Booth 7519
Photo:The Rademaker High Speed Cutter (HSC) is the ultimate performance module for cutting products at high speed capacity. Product length can be varied infinitely. It generates perfect straight and perpendicular product cutting with a non-vibrating, smooth motion. This exceptional performance is achieved by an innovative construction (patent pending). The Rademaker HSC: when quality and quantity count.
Rheon USA | Punch Rounder | Booth 8219
Photo:Rheon introduces the latest addition to its Stress Free artisan systems for high quality Boule production: the Punch Rounder. The Punch Rounder can produce rounds from a wide range of dough types, including stiff pizza dough and soft high water formulations. It connects directly to Rheon V4 Stress Free Dividers to create a continuous production system without overhead proofing systems.
Air Management Technologies | Sustainable Waste Heat Management System | Booth 5624
PhotoAir Management Technologies Sustainable Waste Heat Management System allows bakeries to manage both thermal and electric resources through the capture of waste heat from ovens and oxidizers while reducing carbon footprint. Bakeries can utilize waste heat to satisfy thermal loads in proofers, process water heating, tray washing and more while also providing a source of electricity through Organic Rankine Cycle technologies as well as cogeneration with emergency power backup provisions.
Baxter Manufacturing (A division of ITW FEG) | Baxter OV500G2-EE Energy-Efficient Rotating Rack Oven | Booth 3121
PhotoThe OV500G2-EE is the next generation in Baxter’s long line of quality rack ovens. Designed with energy savings in mind and built in Washington (USA), this double rack oven includes the quality and versatility you expect from a Baxter oven and gives you more. Standard features include a patented steam system, heavy-duty rack lift and a flush floor. Auto on/off and “Energy Setback Mode” in the controls help you save energy without slowing down your operation.
Inline Plastics Corp. | Tamper Resistant Car Cup Containers | Booth 9911
PhotoInline Plastics Corp. introduces its new easy-open and close, tamper resistant, tamper evident grab-and-go 12 oz. snack cups. Available in either flat or dome lids, the perimeter seal closure of the containers provides increased shelf life, improved leak resistance and better protection of its contents. These clamshell containers fit most automobile cup holders and are ideal for convenience stores, supermarkets, bakeries and delis. Typical applications include bakery items and a wide variety of snack foods.
Multivac | MYLAR BAKE® | Booth 2529
PhotoThermoformed packs made from MYLAR BAKE® films can be used within a temperature range of -60° C to +218° C. This means that the packed dough products can be stored either chilled or frozen, and they can be baked either in an oven or a microwave. The pack opens by itself in the oven when a defined pressure has been reached. This allows the moisture to escape, and the product is then baked crispy brown.
Robbie Flexibles | Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches | Booth 11107
PhotoFresh N Tasty Pouches, a new packaging solution for in-store bakeries, hold a wide variety of items such as cookies, scones, breads and more. The pouches are designed with a recloseable zipper and proprietary film base that extends the shelf life of baked goods and offers “stay fresh” barrier properties. Featuring a high-visibility window, easy carry handle and customizing capabilities, this pouch is a great value-added packaging solution for both consumers and retailers.
Selas Heat Technology Co. | ERB Hi-Tri Oven Burner | Booth 6021
PhotoThe new Hi-Tri Oven Burner from Selas is the next generation of multi-zone burners to come to the baking industry. With a larger 2-in., 2-tube configuration than its predecessor, the Hi-Tri burner incorporates a new manifold head to increase the burner’s BTU output by more than 100%. With a much lower pressure drop, it can produce 150,000 BTU or more versus standard burners that deliver up to 67,000 BTU. This dramatically decreases waste and improves heat recovery time.
Topos Mondial Corporation | Double Sigma Open Frame Horizontal Mixers| Booth 5307
PhotoTopos Mondial now offers its Double Sigma “Open Frame,” sanitarily designed, 110° Overtilt Horizontal Mixers (DSOFHM). These mixers are available in sizes ranging from 500 to 2,500 lb. The mixing action is an overlapping double sigma agitator design. The reinforced mixing bowl, the bowl canopy, the main shaft and the double sigma agitators are all solid stainless steel. The mixer frames can also be made using mild steel coated in “STEEL IT” or from solid stainless steel. Topos Mondial also offers electrical controls of all types with the dynamic braking safety feature on the agitators.
Zeppelin Systems | CODOS Continuous Mixing System | Booth 9235
PhotoThe CODOS continuous mixing/kneading system ensures consistent dough quality with easy recipe changes and customized controls. CODOS is used for a variety of products such as bread, rolls, pita, tortillas, cookies, crackers, pastry, bars and more. The ingredients can be added to the process at any time, at any point, and fragile materials such as flakes and fruit can be added with minimal damage. The double-jacketed trough construction can be heated or cooled to ensure a constant dough temperature. Let us help you with your application.
American Pan | SMART Pan Tracking System | Booth 6130
PhotoThe American Pan® SMART Pan Tracking System gives bakeries the ability to track the number of bakes per pan and monitor coating life, allowing for better rotation of pans and pan maintenance scheduling. The system also provides line efficiency data that includes the duration of pan gaps (time between pan readings) and the theoretical yield for a specified time range. All data and reports are easily accessible through a secure website.
Focus Works, Inc. | SQF-Sentinel Food Safety Software | Booth 11819
PhotoPrevent The Largest Cause of Recalls – Human Errors! Someone didn’t do what they were supposed to do or they did it wrong! SQF-Sentinel prevents human errors and reduces labor in food safety programs by 90%. It is the only food safety software that not only handles all compliance documentation paperlessly, but also works with hand-helds, and connects to plant floor equipment and remote monitoring devices. It’s instrumental in performing audits – reducing audit time to minutes.
Bay State Milling Co. | GrainEssentials® Gluten-Free Flour | Booth 5219
PhotoGrainEssentials® Gluten-Free Flour delivers nutrition, protein, fiber and functionality through a distinct combination of ancient grain and brown rice flours. This all-purpose blend provides proven performance for exceptional taste and texture in a variety of baked goods. Our reliable, integrated supply chain, combined with a dedicated and certified production facility, ensures exceptional purity levels for great tasting, worry-free, gluten-free products.
Cereal Ingredients, Inc. | Seasonal bread Flav-R-Bites® and Flav-R-Swirls® | Booth 1947
PhotoCelebrate seasonal bread or other baked products with Flav-R-Bites and Flav-R-Swirls®. Offer your customers mouth-watering baked products with pumpkin, maple, cranberry/orange, apple/cinnamon Flav-R-bites that bake out to soft, fruit-like textures, leaving no voids and requiring no refrigeration. Add the Flav-R-Swirl for enhanced flavor. Cereal Ingredients help your R & D staff turning its innovative ideas into reality. “Let your product innovation shine with the power of Flav-R-Bites/Flav-R-Swirl.”.
The Ensol Group | We Bring Your Process to Life | Booth 5507
PhotoOne of the typical challenges our customers bring to us is how to replicate crustless pan bread. Whether it’s fulfilling the vision of an entrepreneur’s dream bakery, helping a thriving business expand or fully-automating a bakery that produces 1.6 million units per day, Ensol brings Process Evolution to the forefront for our clients globally. We make it easy for you to meet your business needs.
ET Oakes Corp. | Particulate Manifold for Batter Depositing | Booth 5124
PhotoThe Oakes Particulate Manifold for Batter Depositing installs over an existing continuous baking conveyor system. It features a closed manifold with accumulator for accurate and consistent deposit weights. Unlike other particulate depositors that damage product with harsh compression/decompression, this system uses volumetric depositing to ensure consistent final densities. Touch-screen control offers process line history and the flexibility to adjust deposits for various products. All Oakes depositors adapt to a wide range of pan styles.
The Fred D. Pfening Co. | Pfening Enviro-Blender/Automatic Water Temperature Blender | Booth 6114
PhotoThe Pfening Enviro-Blender achieves the desired water temperature by modulating the blending valve each second throughout the draw. Unlike conventional blenders, this unit wastes no water reaching the desired temperature. The blended water is accurately metered to within 2/10 of 1%. Go green with the Pfening Enviro-Blender for zero waste.
Florida Food Products, Inc. | FiberGel LC® Citrus | Booth 2137
PhotoFiberGel LC®, produced through an all-natural process, is a whole food fiber. It can replace 100% of the egg content in many bakery products, as well as develop structure, retain moisture and extend shelf-life. Additionally, FiberGel LC can shorten baking times, contribute to gluten-free formulations and reduce the requirement for bleached and/or high protein flours in baked goods. At IBIE, soft dough cookies (egg and gluten-free), gluten-free natural tortillas and cakes (egg and gluten-free) will highlight FiberGel LC® benefits.
Grain Millers | Gluten-Free Oats & Blends | Booth 1953
PhotoGrain Millers offers a full line of certified gluten-free oat products in the form of whole grains, flakes, flours, brans and oat fiber along with certified gluten-free baking blends, mixes, concentrates and ancient grains. For more than 20 years Grain Millers has been a leading manufacturer of conventional and organic whole grain ingredients used in cereals, breads, bars and many other products served around the world. These grains include oats, wheat, barley and rye, which the company mills into flours, flakes, brans and fibers.
Horizon Systems | Modular Intelligent Ingredient Management System | Booth 1235
PhotoHorizon Systems’ Modular Intelligent Ingredient System delivers micro and minor ingredients consistently, accurately and securely. Total dust containment is achieved by integrating the modular storage bin and Kleen Volumetric Feeder with inflatable seal. To assure product integrity, safety and traceability it can be outfitted with bar coding, QR scanning or RF ID tags.
KitchenAid Commercial | KitchenAid 8-Qt Commercial Stand Mixer | Booth 3205
PhotoKitchenAid’s newest NSF commercial 8-quart stand mixer was developed by professionals, for professionals. This mixer features the company’s most powerful and quietest 1.3 hp high-efficiency motor that was designed to run longer and deliver optimum torque with less heat buildup. Easily mix recipes with up to 14 cups of flour, 13 doz cookies or knead dough for 8 ¼ loaves of bread in one bowl.
The Mecatherm Group | HQ* (*High Quality) Process | Booth 8630
PhotoAt IBIE, Mecatherm will present the world premiere of its new Mecaflow in Line together with the new Bottom Bake Booster (BBB) tray oven for production of the new HQ Process. This line can feed the company’s regular hearth baking line to produce moulded or unmoulded artisan products. During the show, the line will be in production and used to introduce Mecatherm’s new HQ* (*High Quality) products.
Penford Food Ingredients | PenFibe®RO | Booth 1922
PhotoPenFibe®RO is a non-GMO, highly soluble potato-based fiber product line that contains approximately 60% total dietary fiber. It can be used in baked products such as breads and sweet goods, bakery fillings, and sweet and savory snacks to provide fiber, sugar replacement and moisture retention with minimal sweetness. This soluble fiber line is available in both instant and cook-up forms that have low gelatinization temperatures.
Radio Frequency | Macrowave™ Pasteurization System | Booth 3227
PhotoRadio Frequency’s new Macrowave™ Pasteurization Systems are ideal for batch or conveyorized applications for bagged or bulk product. An RF generator creates an alternating electric field between two electrodes. The material to be treated is conveyed through an electrode array where this alternating energy causes polar molecules in the material to continuously reorient themselves to face opposite poles much like the way bar magnets behave in an alternating magnetic field.
Reading Bakery Systems | HDX Continuous Mixer | Booth 6440
PhotoThe new Exact Mixing HDX Continuous Mixer is designed specifically for products that require high dough development at lower temperatures such as buns, breads, English muffins and tortillas. The 2- or 3-stage mixing process fully hydrates the dough in the mixing sections and then fully develops the dough in the final development section while maintaining low temperatures.
Reading Thermal | SCORPION® 2 LITE | Booth 6440
PhotoThe SCORPION® 2 LITE Temperature Data Logger is the newest addition to the SCORPION® 2 line of oven profiling equipment. This low-cost alternative to the SCORPION® 2 Data Logger is for customers who want to measure temperature only. SCORPION® 2 LITE is compatible with a number of temperature measurement devices including the Temperature Interface and Magnetic Temperature Sensor Array.
SAS Automation | Commercial Bakery Depanners | Booth 9147
PhotoDepanning fresh baked goods requires robotic end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) that is agile, efficient and reliable. SAS Automation delivers all of that and more with EOAT solutions that can depan everything from delicate muffins and cakes to dense brownies with a gentle touch that preserves product quality without sacrificing speed. With needle and vacuum configurations that feature SAS’s high-performance engineering innovations, you get the quality and value you demand, pick after pick.
Shaffer Mixers & Processing Equipment | Bun-PAQ System | Booth 6130
PhotoThe Shaffer Bun-PAQ System performs quality control inspections, reject elimination, lane balancing and orientation of both cluster hamburger and hot dog buns. Quality inspections include color variation, blisters, flour dust, burn marks, uniform shape and height, configuration and missing parts. Rejects are automatically eliminated from the system based on the customer’s quality control parameters. The Bun-PAQ’s universal robot head is compatible with both cluster hamburger and hot dog buns.
Solazyme, Inc. | Whole Algal Flour | Booth 2971
PhotoSolazyme’s Whole Algal Flour is a healthy lipid ingredient derived from microalgae, acting as a major solution for improving nutritional profiles in the baking industry. This ingredient is very low in saturated fat and is trans-fat free and cholesterol free. It considerably reduces calories and provides fiber in applications. Whole Algal Flour also provides an overall mouth feel without compromising taste, texture, or consistency.
Tate & Lyle | SODA-LO™ Salt Microspheres | Booth 2014
PhotoSODA-LO™ Salt Microspheres is a revolutionary ingredient that reduces salt content without sacrificing taste. It tastes, labels and functions like salt because it is salt. It reduces salt in certain foods by up to 50%. Its patented technology transforms standard salt crystals into free-flowing hollow crystalline microspheres, so SODA-LO™ efficiently delivers salty taste by maximizing surface area relative to volume. SODA-LO™ is one of Tate & Lyle’s ingredients that provide health and wellness solutions to meet your consumers’ needs.
Tonelli Group | Multifunctional Mixer: Mix – Cook – Chill | Booth 4917
PhotoThe Tonelli Multifunctional Mixer is planetary batch mixing system based on the traditional Tonelli design, but it includes a jacketed mixing bowl for steam heat and cooling. It also includes a PLC recipe management system that allows mixing, cooking, chilling and pasteurizing. It automates the process, reducing the production time for specialty products such as custards, cooked creams, jams fillings and éclairs. The system produces standard bakery products that require high speed planetary mixing.
TSA Griddle Systems, Inc. | Non-stick, Coating-free Waffle Machine | Booth 4024
PhotoTSA’s new waffle machine can significantly improve waffle quality and lower the costs caused by constant griddle plate cleaning. The non-contact waffle removal systems and reduced burnt flashing result in higher yields. A smaller environmental footprint is also achieved by an innovative recycled heat zone. The griddle is 100% non-stick and coating free.
WP BAKERY GROUP | WP Kemper Pane | Booth 10234
PhotoKemper Pane is a flexible square- and round-shaped roll and bread line. Featuring the Triple S Function for the gentlest dough band forming on the market, Sensor Optimization, and the Accurator, the Pane allows bakers to react to the demands of the market. The Pane produces round rolls, from 1 to 4 oz, almost all weights of square or rectangle rolls, and moulded and shaped breads and rolls.
Ashworth Bros., Inc. | Omni-flex® 3 x 1 Belt | Booth 9026
PhotoAshworth introduces its new Omni-flex® 3 x 1 belt. This rugged, strong and lightweight conveyor belt is ideal for conveying pans, trays and large products in spiral cooling and freezing applications. Built to last, the Omni-flex® 3 x 1 belt is precision crafted to exacting standards using premium quality stainless steel components. Ashworth Omni-flex® belts are designed to increase throughput, reduce dwell time and minimize life cycle cost. Ashworth — Delivering reliable performance since 1959.