Why Exhibit?

Your World of Selling Opportunities

Do you know the most successful way to reach new buyers, generate leads, increase sales, close deals and strengthen your brand? It’s with a booth at IBIE 2019, where you’ll gain unparalleled access to thousands of qualified buyers from around the globe and from across every industry segment. Exhibit at the one of world’s largest events for the grain-based food industry, and see powerful results that extend far beyond the show.

If you want to cost-effectively do business with the broadest range of buyers from around the world and across all industry segments, you can’t do better than the Baking Expo™.
Now more than ever, IBIE is your best opportunity to:

When your organization exhibits at IBIE, you’ll have prime access to over 20,000 baking industry professionals from more than 100 countries around the world. A booth at IBIE is the answer you need to move into new markets, increase your range and find new customers.

Buying teams know that IBIE is their best opportunity in three years for purchasing supplies, equipment and solutions, and they come to IBIE ready to do serious business with you. An impressive 85% of IBIE attendees are key purchasing decision-makers in their organizations, and 85% either purchase onsite or plan to purchase as a result of attending. These high-level buyers control significant budgets and represent a huge selling opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

IBIE_Exhibitor_Internationla & Buying Teams

With 33% of attendees (not including exhibitors or speakers) coming from around the world, IBIE attracts a robust international audience, giving you the ideal vehicle to expand your business and your connections internationally. You’ll generate leads, write orders and connect with hard-to-find buyers that you won’t get access to anywhere else.

With strong global reach and thousands of highly qualified industry buyers, IBIE is the ideal platform to launch your newest technologies and show off your best products. More than 72% of attendees report that they come to IBIE to learn about new innovations—by exhibiting here, you’re accessing one of the most well-attended venues for promoting your new products and showcasing your best innovations.

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