Corporate Meeting Program

A Perfect Opportunity to Bring Your Company Together

We invite—and encourage—you and your company to take part in IBIE’s Corporate Meeting Program in 2016. Holding your company’s annual meeting in conjunction with IBIE allows you to …

Save travel time and expenses. Organizations frequently send several people to IBIE and host a separate annual meeting. Instead, hold your annual meeting before or after IBIE—you’ll save travel-associated costs and minimize time away from the office.

Enjoy free or discounted meeting space. IBIE may be able to negotiate free or discounted meeting space for your company at the Las Vegas Convention Center or official IBIE hotels, depending on your requirements. And, IBIE can offer you room block rates for the dates immediately before or after IBIE.

Give your staff the opportunity to participate in IBIE. Employees from all levels of your organization will benefit when they connect with the entire baking industry—it’ll result in better buying decisions and a more educated, motivated and connected team.

If you would like to request meeting space during IBIE 2016, please click here for the IBIE 2016 Corporate Meeting Space Request Form. Contact Matt Grogg at  for more information.