Attendee FAQs




About IBIE
IBIE 2016, the International Baking Industry Exposition takes place every three years. It will span nearly 700,000 gross square feet of space with over 1,000 exhibitors displaying every product and service there is that pertains to the baking industry. The show is expected to draw over 23,000 baking professionals. The International Baking Industry Exposition is the largest trade show held in North America that showcases the industry’s latest technologies, equipment and new product introductions.

IBIE is produced by the International Baking Industry Exposition LLC and supported by the American Bakers Association (ABA), BEMA and the Retail Bakers of America. IBIE was founded in 1920 by ABA and BEMA to provide a forum to connect bakers with suppliers to further the good of the industry. Proceeds from the show are invested back into the industry.

What does IBIE stand for?
IBIE stands for International Baking Industry Exposition. It is also commonly referred to as “Expo” or “Baking Expo™.”

What are the IBIE 2019 dates?
The event will be held in late September 2019. The exact dates will be announced soon.

Where is IBIE 2019 being held?
Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.


How many people are expected to attend IBIE?
Approximately 23,000 baking professionals are expected to attend.

Who attends IBIE?
Participants represent the entire industry including small, medium and large wholesale bakery plants; retail bakeries and outlets; in-house supermarkets; catering companies; restaurants/hotels; artisan bakeries, coffee shops, pizza restaurants/chains, etc…

Can anyone attend the show? Do you have to be in the baking industry?
The show is open. You do not have to be in the baking industry to attend IBIE 2019, however, IBIE is designed for trade professionals in the grain-based foods industry–it is not a consumer show. We highly encourage food manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to attend. All  guests (except children) are welcome to attend the show, although guests and spouses are not complimentary. All attendees are subject to the registration fee. If you are not in the industry, please select the “Allied/Other” registration category when you register.


What is the dress/attire?
The dress code varies from business attire to business casual to casual based on the business you plan to conduct at the show. Shirt and shoes are required of course; comfortable, covered shoes are recommended – IBIE is a big show with a lot of floor space to cover! We suggest dressing comfortably, but dress code is strictly a personal preference.






How do I register?
Registration will open approximately one year before the 2019 show. Click here to sign up for updates.


What are “members of partnering associations” and why is the fee less than the non-member registration?
If you are a member of an IBIE partnering association (ABA, BEMA, RBA, ASB, AIB, APC, BBGA, BCMA, IBA, TIA, RPIA, WFC and GFF), you may qualify for a membership discount. As a benefit of being a member of one of these associations, registrants receive a discounted pre-registration fee.  There are no association discounts for on-site registration.


Are students and faculty complimentary and what documentation do I need to show to retrieve my badge at the show?
Student and faculty registration is not complimentary, however it is offered at a discounted fee of $25.  If students or faculty are willing to volunteer five hours of their time, they can receive a complimentary registration for access to the exhibit floor (this does not include any education sessions, badge is good for trade show only).

Are members of the press complimentary?
Yes, press are complimentary with approved and valid press credentials.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?
A refund will be made ONLY if registration is canceled on or before Thursday, September 15, 2016. Refund requests must be in writing to the attention of IBIE via fax at 888-722-1888 or 301-694-5124 (International Residents) or mailed to 5202 Presidents Court, Suite G100, Frederick, MD 21703. After the cut-off date, refunds will be made at the discretion of IBIE Show Management.  Requests can also be made to Kelly Kotche at



What is the RPIA Business in Baking (BOB) Seminar?
The Business of Baking, better known as “BOB,” is designed for bakery operators who are new to the industry or seasoned professionals who are looking to brush up on best practices. The RPIA BOB Seminar offers a full day of exposure to experts in the field. Not only will they share secrets and tricks of the trade, but you’ll also have the opportunity to ask Certified Master Bakers your questions. Four experienced members of RPIA’s “brain trust” and over 170 years of experience in baking await you.

What is the Tortilla Industry Association 2016 Technical Seminar?
As the fastest growing sector of the baking business, the tortilla industry provides dynamic results for its members and exciting opportunities that attract newcomers. As its umbrella organization, the Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) offers 2 key events a year – its Annual Convention & Expo, as well as the TIA Technical Seminar. Held in partnership with IBIE this year and every 3 years, the TIA Technical Seminar will focus on enhancing operational skills, knowledge of safety regulations, quality control, preventive maintenance, plant efficiency, and other important best practices. The TIA Technical Seminar will offer timely information as well as networking opportunities with key players in this market that allow participants to capitalize on the fastest growing segment of the baking industry.